Happy New Year - Special Reading Offer

This Reading gives you insight into your love and relationships sector and your career and money matters for the year ahead and I will also answer 2 specific questions for you – you can ask about anything!  This reading is done via a pre-recorded video for you, with a link sent to you which you can watch it at your own leisure and discretion and keep it to review whenever you wish!

The reading will include both Tarot and Angel insights and will be approx. 20-30 minutes in length.  I do ask for 48-72hrs to get the recorded video uploaded and sent to you.  This is a great way to get a jump start on the New Year, find out what to expect and ask a few questions that may be lingering on your mind!

 “Ask me what you need to know right now to make decisions, so you can move forward and see change happen in your life!”

When you place your order, I will need to know your name and birth date, and the name and birth date of anyone you are asking about in your 2 Questions. Please ask your 2 Questions specific and directly, if I need any clarification I will ask.

Click here to use my contact page to send me your details and Questions!


$40 Investment 2019 Overview READING

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